Tuesday, May 1, 2007

May 2007: We Love Our Pets

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I Wrote a Hit Song! Contest Winner
May Songwriting Challenge
May Poll: Who Do You Love?

I Wrote a Hit Song! Contest Winner

Congratulations to Brenna from Durango, Colorado...Brenna wrote a hit song! Click here to view the lyrics to her song "The Ocean." You can leave a comment on her song page to say congratulations and tell her how you liked her song!

Brenna won a Songwriting for Kids "I Wrote a Hit Song!" t-shirt and a free CD. Don't forget to enter your own songs in the next I Wrote a Hit Song! contest...you could be the next featured songwriter! Visit the I Wrote a Hit Song! page to learn how to enter.

May Songwriting Challenge

Each month, I'm going to give you a Songwriting Challenge. See if you can meet the challenge, and if you want, you can even enter your song in the I Wrote a Hit Song! contest.

This month's Songwriting Challenge:
Write a song about a pet (real or imaginary)

Some of my favorite songs as a kid had to do with pets:
So how about it? Can you write a song about a pet?
Remember, it doesn't have to be a real pet, it can be imaginary, too!

May Poll: Who Do You Love?

That's all for May. Have a great month, and remember...
Always leave 'em singing!


Anonymous said...

So, wait... what year is this for? Has it already happened? Or is it for 2010? I'm confused!

Josephine Cameron said...

Hi Anonymous.
You've stumbled onto the SFK Club Newsletter entry & Songwriting Challenge from May 2007. Our newest post can be found here. But you can also use any past Songwriting Challenge to create a song. Then, if you like, you can enter it in the I Wrote a Hit Song! Contest. Happy writing!